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Our Mission Statement

Our Company is dedicated to being the best possible service company – as defined by the customer.

Committed to continuously strive to be known for our dedication to our fellow team members, community, and customers; and known for our honesty, friendliness, and fairness in all our business endeavors.

Our total performance will be based upon our responsibilities to the Law, respect to each other, our customers, and our personal growth.

As a team of Peak Performers, we shall pull together to provide the best measurable service excellence possible as defined by the customer.

Our Objectives

  • Listen carefully to make sure YOUR objectives are understood
  • Provide sound advice and a plan to achieve those objectives
  • Explain the rental process thoroughly
  • Discuss agency representation
  • Price your home competitively
  • Implement a proven marketing plan and discuss advertising options
  • Make every effort to rent your home promptly
  • Generate and follow-up on leads
  • Communicate consistently, so you know what to expect

We have built a dedicated team on a foundation of professionalism, ethics, and knowledge of residential and commercial properties. Each member of our team is driven by the desire for excellence. You have a team of professionals ready to go above and beyond your expectations.

Pricing Your Property

Determining price is one of the most critical steps in preparing your home for rent. A competitively priced home often rents quickly once it is put on the market. The average turnaround time for a rental is 30-45 days.

When your home is priced right from the outset, you maximize your opportunity of reaching the most qualified tenants and obtaining top dollar.

Pricing your home correctly:

  • Can minimize on the time the property is vacant, saving you money
  • Reduces risk because overpriced homes may eliminate some prospective tenants if it is out of their price range
  • When we see your home and prepare a more complete and thorough market evaluation, we will use our knowledge of recent rentals in your surrounding areas to help price the property to receive maximum returns.
Marketing Program

Specific marketing activities to rent your home begin the moment you sign the Agreement. From installing the “For Rent” sign to internet marketing, we are constantly working to rent your home. Our marketing plan is designed to expose your home to as many potential tenants as possible – making them aware of the key features and benefits of YOUR home.

In order to receive top dollar, you need top exposure. Our marketing plan provides you with that top exposure. This includes:

  • Listing your home on our website
  • Internet exposure across the Web using various websites
  • Installation of a “For Rent” sign
  • A custom property flyer
  • Classified ad in North County Times (paid advertising)
  • Contact prospective tenants on our reserve list
  • Feedback provided from showings
Tips for Preparing Your Home For Rent
  • Tidy up the grounds, porches and garage. Keep the lawn trimmed and edged. Make sure that your yard is clean. First impressions count!
  • Your front door adds to that first impression – be sure it is scrubbed or repainted if necessary.
  • Wash windows and clean/dust window coverings.
  • If any decorating or painting is needed (especially in the kitchen), do it now!
  • Bathrooms help homes get rented. Make this room sparkle.
  • Make sure appliances, light bulbs, ceiling fans, etc. are in working condition
  • If you are still living in the unit make sure you keep things tidy. Wash dishes, make beds, put away clothes and straighten up.
  • Keep pets out of the way during showings – many people are allergic.
  • Leave the showing to the property manager.  Often the prospective tenants may get intimidated when too many people are present.  If possible, leave the house during a showing.
  • Refrain from discussing anything about the rental with a potential tenant.  Let your agent discuss price, terms, possession and other items concerning the rental.
  • Pack away valuables, knick-knacks, guns and medicines.  The property manager will walk the house with the prospective tenants but one can never be too safe.
  • Look at your home objectively. Pretend you are seeing it for the first time, through a tenant’s eyes.  Ask yourself if you would pay what the rent is to live in your property.  Call or email me for any recommendations on how to stage the property for presentation to prospective tenants.  That is part of my expertise. I will be happy to walk through your home with you and help you “set the stage.”
  • Remember, my goal is to help you rent your home for the most amount of money, in the shortest period of time, with the least amount of inconvenience to you.
  • We only have one chance to make that good first impression!  Let’s make it happen!

Services Offered:

Our Full Service Management and Leasing Includes:

Move-Out Process
  • Contact the resident approximately 90 days prior to the lease expiration date and give them options for lease renewal
  • If the resident decides NOT to renew, but rather to vacate, provide them with a legal ‘notice to vacate’ form which they fill out and return
  • Coordinate the move-out process with the vacating resident beginning with the time the resident submits a notice-to-vacate
  • Meet with resident to go over our list of cleaning and move-out procedure checklist to help ensure the property is left in good condition
  • Stay in contact with the resident during the 30 days prior to move out to ensure they are staying on schedule with the move-out
  • Complete the key transfer from vacating resident at time of move out
  • Transfer utilities from resident back into owners name, billed to Barbara McLain Properties
  • Complete a full property inspection report after the resident has vacated
  • Take interior pictures to document the full condition
  • Order all repairs and cleaning work needed to bring the property back to rent-ready condition in as short amount of time as possible
  • Coordinate access with all individual vendors
  • After all vendors have completed their work, complete another full property inspection report to ensure the property is fully rent ready
  • Review vendor invoices for accuracy before any payment is issued
  • Complete the ex-residents security deposit disposition paperwork in accordance with California State law
  • Forward ex-resident receipts for any deductions made to their security deposit
Re-Renting Process
  • Confirm property is 100% rent ready including checklist of state and federally mandated items such as CO2 detectors and Smoke detector properly installed throughout the property
  • Take interior and exterior pictures including pictures of the community when possible
  • Enter advertising information on-line and upload photos onto various internet sites
  • Place professional signage on the property
  • Take incoming phone calls of interested parties and answer any question about the property
  • Properly follow all Federal Fair Housing Laws
  • If a party is interested in viewing the property, prequalify them over the phone
  • If prospect meets pre-qualification standards, set a time for them to view the property
  • Meet the prospect at the property and give them a full property tour, answering any and all question they may have about the property and the leasing process
  • If interested, have the prospect fill out our rental application
  • Call the applicants current and 2 previous landlord(s), if possible, for rental verification
  • Pull a full background check on the prospect including credit report, eviction background check, criminal history, and sexual predator background check
  • Verify income
  • Process the rental application
  • Notify the prospect of approval or denial
  • If approved set a time for the approved applicant to sign the lease and pay the security deposit
  • If denied, provide the applicant with the federal required letter of denied
Lease Signing Process
  • After an applicant has been approved to rent a property we schedule a lease signing appointment
  • Prepare the following in-house custom documents:
    • Lease Agreement
    • Mold Prevention Addendum
    • Crime Free
    • Drug Free Housing Addendum
    • Pet addendum if resident has a pet
    • Lead Based Paint Disclosure (when required)
    • Brokerage Disclosure
  • Present the full lease file to the resident(s)
  • Have each occupant over the age of 18 review and sign the lease
  • Collect copies of drivers licenses for each occupant over 18
  • Get a picture of the approved pet if applicable
  • Collect the security deposit and one full month rent
  • Provide new resident with door keys, mailbox keys, door and security codes, and HOA information
  • Register resident with HOA management if necessary
  • Inform resident of contact information for emergency after hour emergencies
  • Answer all resident questions in relation to the move-in process
After the Property is Occupied
  • Repair Requests
    • Receive repairs requests during business hours.
    • Line up service repairs for those items that are not the responsibility of the resident
    • Coordinate with vendors on service calls
    • Line up access for vendors on service calls
    • We also have 24 hour emergency maintenance, live person, available for tenants to contact in case of an emergency.  One of our representatives will investigate and determine if the maintenance issue is truly an emergency in need of an after-hours call to a vendor, insuring your after hours maintenance calls truly warrant the additional expense of an emergency.  Our vendors are well trained in reporting to us who is actually liable for the maintenance or repair costs.  If it is determined a tenant is liable we will bill the tenant.
  • Approve and pay all vendor invoices
  • Approve and pay all utility bills from the time the property was vacant
  • Collect monthly rent from residents
    • Payments by mail
    • Payments brought into our office
    • On-line payments
  • Process rents and payments
  • Direct deposit of owner’s funds into bank account
  • Daily accounting of all owner funds as needed
  • Full service bookkeeping
  • Monthly reports and invoicing available online with password protected owner account
  • When resident has not paid rent by due date:
    • Prepare the state required 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quite on days 6-8 if the rent is not received within the 5 day grace period
    • Physically deliver the notice to the property
    • Mail a copy of the notice
    • Contact resident regarding the payment and legal options
    • Schedule for a court hearing if rent is not paid
    • Coordinate with attorney in preparation for hearing
    • Attempt to get legal judgment of property at initial court appearance
    • Line up sheriff for physical eviction if necessary
    • Meet sheriff for physical eviction if necessary
  • Oversee and follow-up with any lease violation including:
    • HOA violations
    • Lawn violations
    • Pet violations
    • Parking violations
    • Other lease violations
  • Maintain regular contact with resident
  • Daily, weekly and monthly logs are made as needed to our tenant accounts.  We include online updates for our owner and tenant accounts as needed updating and posting of maintenance or repair work orders, communication logs and account balances/charges due
Lease Renewal Process
  • The lease renewal process is extremely important.  If the resident does NOT renew their lease but decides to vacate – it is going to cost you money in turnover expenses as well as lost rent while the property is vacant.  For this reason we make every effort to retain our quality residents. The lease renewal process for us begins the day a new resident moves in. We work hard to maintain a strong relationship with the resident during the term of the lease so that when it comes time to renew – they will not have any reason to move.
    • National surveys show that the number one reason residents give for moving is poor maintenance service during the term of the lease. A landlord may manage to save a few dollars by delaying or even ignoring needed repairs, only to incur much larger expenses because the resident simply vacates when the lease term is up for renewal. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU. It is well worth the time, hassle, and even a few extra dollars during the term of the lease to keep a quality resident on a long term basis.
    • The national average in turnover is estimated at 40%. The average annual turnover rate for Barbara McLain Properties is 20%. That means we have saved our Landlords tens of thousands of dollars in turnover expenses as compared to national averages. We have even had a resident renting the same property for 15+ years, that resident paid the entire mortgage for the landlord!
  • With in 90 days prior to the lease expiration we:
    • Conduct a market survey to determine the current rental rate of the property.
    • Review the resident history including lease violation issues, late payments, length of tenancy, last rent increase, etc.
    • Based upon these factors, determine the renewal rate and length of renewal that will be offered to the resident.
    • Contact the resident by phone and e-mail to offer them a lease renewal.
    • Explain their renewal options and answer all questions.
    • If the resident wishes to vacate we:
      • Provide them with moving instructions, cleaning instructions, required move out documents informing them of their rights to a walk through, and initiate our turn-over process.
      • Ask them “why” to determine if there is anything we can do to keep them in the property.
    • For the 90% of our residents who do wish to renew, we:
      • Prepare lease renewal paperwork.
      • Work with all residents over 18 years of age to ensure they all complete the lease renewal paperwork and turn that into our office in a timely fashion.
Additional Full Management and Leasing Services…
  • Eviction processing
  • Professional and prompt rent collection
  • Advertising of vacancies
  • Detailed in house applicant screening including criminal background check
  • Detailed lease agreements designed to protect our Owners
  • Inspection services
  • 24/7 emergency maintenance service
  • Prompt / Professional / Insured / Competitive Priced Vendors
  • The lowest vacancy rates in the industry
  • Monthly direct deposit of owner funds
  • Online owner account to view statements and work orders
  • Online tenant accounts to view statements and make rent payments
  • Initial walk through of property with photos and an emailed report upon acquiring management services
  • Renewal of lease and annual inspection prior to the lease expiration for 12 month leases and on an annual basis for month to month agreements

Lease Only Services Include:

Lease Only Services Offered

We recognize that often times you wish to handle managing your property on your own. However, it is very time consuming to go through the process of renting a property. For this service it is the owner’s responsibility to handle all maintenance needs turning the property over and provide McLain Properties with a rent ready property. In the event McLain Properties procured the tenant vacating the property, upon request, we will provide you with a fully documented move out inspection. This is a courtesy to you for being a returning client. Our lease-only contracts provide the following services:

  • Market analysis for rental rate
  • Advertise your property across multiple online platforms
  • Answering all inquires
  • Show property to prospective renters
  • Thoroughly screen prospective tenants as we would with our full management service
  • Upon approval of an application
    • Collect deposit
    • Execute lease agreement and required addendums
    • Obtain all parties signatures
  • Upon move in
    • If not collected prior, collect full first month’s rent
    • Provide tenant with move in inspection
    • Provide all applicable keys, openers, and documents pertaining to the property

North Park Area Information

North Park San Diego Real Estate

In the summer of 1893, San Diego merchant Joseph Nash sold 40 acres (16 ha) of land northeast of Balboa Park to James Monroe Hartley, who wished to develop a lemon grove. The Hartley family began the arduous process of clearing the land to prepare the earth for the grove, but providing the fledgling trees with proper irrigation was always a problem. Barrels of water had to be hauled from downtown San Diego up a wagon trail that would eventually be called Pershing Drive.

As the growth of San Diego eventually caught up with the original Hartley lemon grove, it eventually became roughly bordered by Ray Street to the west, 32nd Street to the east, University Avenue to the north and Dwight Street to the south. Hartley deemed his area “Hartley’s North Park” – and years later, the name evidently stuck as the City of San Diego referred to the new suburb as “North Park.”Source From Wikipedia

Areas We Service:

We handle property throughout the North Park Coastal Region