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We recognize that often times you wish to handle managing your property on your own. However, it is very time consuming to go through the process of renting a property. For this service it is the owner’s responsibility to handle all maintenance needs turning the property over and provide McLain Properties with a rent ready property. In the event McLain Properties procured the tenant vacating the property, upon request, we will provide you with a fully documented move out inspection. This is a courtesy to you for being a returning client. Our lease-only contracts provide the following services:

  • Market analysis for rental rate
  • Advertise your property across multiple online platforms
  • Answering all inquiries
  • Show property to prospective renters
  • Thoroughly screen prospective tenants as we would with our full management service
  • Upon approval of an application
    • Collect deposit
    • Execute lease agreement and required addendums
    • Obtain all parties signatures
  • Upon move in
    • If not collected prior, collect full first month’s rent
    • Provide tenant with move in inspection
    • Provide all applicable keys, openers, and documents pertaining to the property

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