Vacation Rental vs. Hotel Room – What’s Your Best Bet?

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From boutique bed and breakfasts to chain hotels to luxury resorts, it’s easy to find a hotel that fits your preferences and price range. But what about vacation rentals? Travelers are increasingly using vacation rentals as an alternative to hotel bookings, and in this post, we’ll look at some of the pros and cons.

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Here are some benefits to vacation rentals:

  1. More Flexibility

If you like the idea of last-minute flexibility, or if your company puts a lot of “blackout days” on your professional calendar, a vacation rental may help you maximize your holiday time. You also won’t have to deal with cancellation fees, deposits, or peak season price surges.

  1. Less Competition

Want to take a trip to the beach in the height of summer? Hotels often fill up months in advance during the high season, particularly if they offer excellent service or a prime location. A vacation rental means that you can set your own dates, no matter how stiff the competition is for local accommodations.

  1. Personal Touch

A bed-and-breakfast can be lovely, but even the nicest hotel is hard to mistake for a home. A vacation rental allows you to personalize. Vacation rentals are also much closer in setup to home living – in addition to your own kitchen and living space, you have the option of a personal patio, pool, and yard area.

  1. Value

Although a vacation rental may seem more expensive, it’s worth considering the value-added aspect of vacation rentals vs. hotel properties. Hotels can be luxurious, but they’re harder to customize, and amenities like pools and patio areas can be very crowded during the high season. Vacation rentals give you the chance to upgrade your vacation experience without

  1. Family (and Friend) Connection

Depending on the dimensions of the property, you may be able to schedule group vacations with much more flexibility for all parties – a major plus when you’re working around multiple shifting schedules, especially for families with children.

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Here are some drawbacks to vacation rentals:

  1. Services and Amenities

Vacation rentals can give you all the comforts of home – but these usually don’t include daily maid service and an on-site spa! If you like to vacation in pampered luxury, you may prefer to hunt for a bargain suite at a luxury hotel. On the other hand, if you prefer a laidback vacation vibe, you may feel more comfortable in a vacation rental.

  1. Added Responsibility

It’s also important to consider this level of staff support in terms of maintenance and repairs. If your hotel room has a plumbing emergency, staff will respond within minutes – and the worst-case scenario is usually a replacement suite! Vacation rentals typically have dedicated, professional maintenance services available, but they’re more comparable to maintenance in a conventional rental. You may want to take this difference into account.

  1. The “Bulk Buy” Principle

Vacation rentals offer savings based on a volume discount – the more time you spend occupying a vacation rental, the less expensive each day of your vacation becomes. This principle doesn’t provide an equal advantage to visitors who probably won’t be able to get away for more than a handful of days per year.

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There are definite advantages to vacation rentals – but it is important to weigh the added cost and obligation. Whatever you decide, make sure you take advantage of all the resources at your disposal, so you can make an informed choice about vacation rental options in your area.

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