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How to Make Your Home Kid-friendly

Posted By Mclain

Starting a family is a huge financial commitment in itself and more often than not, first-time parents are unable to find the perfect home to start their family in. Just like with any other commitment we make in life, finding the right house will require you to decide on your wants, needs, and non-negotiables.


If you think you’ve found the right home for you but still wonder if it is suitable for your future family, there are a lot of ways to make your home more kid-friendly than its current state.


Here are some thoughtful ideas to consider: 


Check the Sockets

Check the location of sockets in your home. Sockets are a huge hazard to children as children tend to stick their fingers in holes which is why sockets should be out of their reach. If the sockets are within the reach of children, quality plug sockets are widely available online or in your local hardware. 


Fixed-cushion Sofa

When it comes to your living room, try to look for a fixed-cushion sofa. A fixed-cushion sofa will make your life easier and make your living room look orderly as kids won’t be able to pull out the cushions. 


Rounded Furniture

Sharp corners are extremely dangerous for kids whenever they decide to run and play in your home. Invest in rounded furniture to avoid any serious injury. If buying new furniture is outside your budget area, consider buying corner guards. Corner guards may not be aesthetically pleasing but will do the same job as rounded furniture.


Practical Flooring

Kids are an unpredictable ball of energy which is why your flooring should be practical and durable to wear and tear. Nowadays, there are a lot of alternatives to hardwood flooring. For example, vinyl floorings now look extremely realistic and are extremely cheap which makes them a great alternative to hardwood flooring. 


In addition to the flooring, consider buying area rugs for your living spaces. Kids tend to sit on the floor and purchasing area rugs will make it more comfortable for them. 


Think About the Walls

Kids are notorious for writing on any surface they find and the biggest surface in your home that is accessible to kids are your walls. Imagine living through the nightmare of walking into your living room and discover how your kids have scribbled all over your walls. 


This is why you should consider having semigloss paint. Semi-gloss paint will allow you to easily remove stains from markers and crayons without sacrificing the color of the walls. Another solution to this is to switch to tiled walls which will give you the same results as well.


Mindful Storage

Having kids means having extra knick knacks in your home which can make your home look disorganized. Invest in closed or locked cabinets to avoid adding to the clutter.


Most of the time, we do not have sufficient space in our homes to create additional storage areas which is why it is crucial to be creative in finding storage solutions. One tip is to choose furniture that serves a dual-purpose. For example, there are sofas that have storage underneath the cushion. Also, there are kids tables that have storage as well. These simple solutions will allow you to store more things without the guilt of having it take up space in your home. 

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