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How and What to Prepare When Relocating

How and What to Prepare When Relocating

gift wrap Whether you are relocating because of a new job or just wanting a change in environment, the moving process that you would have to go through is tedious. The effort involved in moving a few blocks in the same neighborhood is already huge and all the more when moving into a different neighborhood or even a different state altogether. This can be both exciting and stressful. Planning ahead can make a difference in the level of stress and overall feeling of preparedness for your move Besides finalizing the paperwork and the packing process here are a few things you may have overlooked and forgotten that can help you prepare for this move:  
  • 1. Prepare for the Logistics
  • Planning ahead and knowing your schedule and timelines would make moving a lot easier for you. You would know exactly how much time you have to pack up your stuff, also, whether you’re relocating just across the city or moving to a new state, you have to work on timing your move. You may be able to book a flight and be there in a couple of hours but you have to think about the travel time of your moving truck and having your car shipped. You also have to think about the costs and expenses this move would take like hiring professional movers and buying boxes and packing supplies.   2. Take Inventory of Your Things As you prepare for a move this big, you would definitely need to engage the services of professional movers. Taking the time to do an inventory of your things and what you should bring and not will save you both money and space in a moving truck. Another advantage is that this would ensure that all the things that you would bring to your new home are right-sized and just what you need and at the same time get rid of all the junk you accumulated over the years.   3. Know the Businesses and Establishes in the Area The final hurdle in moving and relocating is unpacking the boxes, fixing up, and basically just getting settled in your new home. People moving usually work on unpacking their bedrooms first, this way you’re assured that you’d have a comfortable bed to sleep in on your first night. Knowing establishments that are near your new home, like convenience stores and restaurants would be helpful as you go through the process of unpacking. Familiarizing yourself with the nearest restaurants near your new home will save you from the pressure and rush of having to unpack the kitchen just to be able to have dinner. Another establishment that would be best to familiarize yourself with is convenience stores, they can come in handy for the small things you might have forgotten to pack like toiletries and garbage bags.   4. Updating Your Billing Address and Subscriptions Because of all the companies that you have to get in touch with, having your billing address changed can be a hassle. Leaving a forwarding address with your landlord, if you’re renting, or with the new owners of your old home can be a backup plan, however having your address changed doing this sooner rather than later would make it easier since you would eventually have to do this anyway. Updating your address for services and subscriptions would ensure that you continue to receive newsletters, magazines, bills, and even on-site support from utility companies. While you’re at it, updating your address for government records like with the DMV and voter registration information would be ideal just to make sure you have all your bases covered.   5. Get Your Security Deposit Back (Only if You’re Renting) You might be up in the air with all the preparations for your move. But one thing that you shouldn’t forget is getting back the security deposit that you have in your place, especially if you are leaving your old home in great condition. Don’t forget to let your landlord know that you would be moving so you can start the process of getting your security deposit. You can make arrangements such as your security deposit covering your last few months of rent or for a check to be mailed to you.  

    Final Thoughts

    Although it may seem like a lot of work planning in advance can actually help you. Preparation is the best way of ensuring that you have the situation under control. Remember to not let the stress get to you and still feel the excitement of moving to your new home.